Dwayne Johnson is the highest paid actor in the world as Forbes reveals rich list 1 month ago

Dwayne Johnson is the highest paid actor in the world as Forbes reveals rich list

Forbes has revealed the top 10 highest paid actors last year.

Dwayne "the Rock" Johnson has been named the highest-paid male actor for a second year in a row, according to Forbes magazine.

This year, there's not four Marvel stars dominating the top 10, but many of those who make the list do have one thing in common.

Yes, it's a good time to be involved with Netflix and other streaming services it seems.

This year’s 10 top-earning actors collected a combined $545.5 million, with more than a quarter of that paid out by Netflix, Forbes reported.

Johnson topped the list for the second year a row by earning $87.5 million, with Netflix forking out $23.5 million to him for his role in the upcoming Netflix original film Red Notice.

His Red Notice co-star Ryan Reynolds was the second-highest paid actor, with earnings of $71.5m. His work included $20m for Red Notice, and $20m for Six Underground, another Netflix film.

Also in the top five are Mark Wahlberg, who made $58m, Ben Affleck with $55m, and Vin Diesel, who made $54m.

Indian actor Akshay Kumar was the only Bollywood star in the top 10 with earnings of $48.5m, which was enough for sixth spot. Forbes said most of this income came from product endorsement deals.

Those who were also on the list were Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda, actors Will Smith and Adam Sandler, and veteran movie star Jackie Chan.

Forbes compiled the list based on earnings between 1 June 2019 and 1 June 2020 and is due to release a separate list of the highest-paid female actors for the same period in the coming weeks.