Elf, Die Hard, Home Alone, Love Actually, and loads more Christmas films will be shown in Dublin 8 months ago

Elf, Die Hard, Home Alone, Love Actually, and loads more Christmas films will be shown in Dublin

Christmas heaven for film fans. Grab your cinema pal.

After reading the fantastic list of Christmas-themed films that are going to be playing in Dublin's Lighthouse cinema, we're instantly imagining some type of fictional mashup.

How's this for a plot?

Buddy the Elf gets held hostage by Hans Gruber in a courtroom that's currently debating the existence of Santa Claus. Just as the juror is about to read his decision, somebody drops water on Gizmo. Gremlins pop up everywhere.

In an effort to stop them from getting into the outside world, Kevin McAllister has to lay booby traps all over the courtroom. He's resourceful like that. They all succeed in saving Christmas. Prime Minister Hugh Grant is delighted.

Truth be told, we'd watch this nightmare before Christmas.

FYI, we've lost track of the amount of Christmas films that we've mentioned in that synopsis but son of a nutcracker, we just love Christmas films.

It simply isn’t Christmas-time without the likes of Love Actually, Elf, Die Hard, The Muppet Christmas Carol, and more festive favourites being shown and The Lighthouse has just the treat with their excellent lineup.

Buddy The Elf is back on the big screen daily from 4 December with a very special re-release of Elf, while Warner Brothers are releasing a very special 4k restoration of Joe Dante’s Gremlins from 6 December.

KEVIN! This year’s festive party on 7 December is a massive Home Alone Party with loads of mischievous fun and games throughout the building. As always, Christmas attire and costumes are encouraged.

There will also be screenings of classic films and a special screening of  The Nightmare Before Christmas to celebrate it’s 25th anniversary.

Here's the full list of films that are being shown. Ticketing information can be found here.

Yippee ki-yay!