Emilia Clarke is not a fan of the weather in Northern Ireland 4 years ago

Emilia Clarke is not a fan of the weather in Northern Ireland

It's a bit windier than she's used to...

The post may contain spoilers for the latest season of Game of Thrones.


There's nothing to get your more excited on a Friday morning (apart from the fact it's practically the weekend) than seeing real proof that they're back filming for the latest series of Game of Thrones.

Emilia Clarke, we're sure we don't need to tell you that she plays Daenerys Targaryen in the hit TV series, is currently filming in Northern Ireland ahead of Season 7 of the show next year.

We saw at the end of the last season that Daenerys was finally making her way to Westeros, it only took her six seasons to make the trip.


So we now know for sure that she doesn't have a horrible boating accident on the way there, if she died on route to Westeros there'd be no need for any scenes filmed in Northern Ireland, right? Right?

It seems like she may have gotten a bit of a shock to the system when hit with the violent winds that are known to batter these shores, but we're sure she'll master the knack of riding a dragon in high winds relatively quickly though.

But she is a fan of the scenery it seems going by her hashtag "At least the views made it all worth it eh?"


If that wasn't enough for you, have a look back at the bloopers from the last series of the show, it makes for some very entertaining viewing...

Video via GameofThrones