Euron Greyjoy actor discusses why an "important" scene wasn't shown on screen 3 months ago

Euron Greyjoy actor discusses why an "important" scene wasn't shown on screen

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Euron, we hardly knew thee.

As always, if you haven't seen the most recent episode of Game of Thrones, consider this to be your official spoiler alert warning.

Right, let's crack on.

In the penultimate episode of Game of Thrones, we saw Cersei's most recent lover Euron Greyjoy meet his maker at the hands of Jaime Lannister.

He died with a smile on his face, knowing that he had done so much damage to Jaime that he would surely die as a result. He looked right into the camera, and said "I'm the man who killed Jaime Lannister" in a bizarre, if not slightly comical moment.

And after being stabbed in the chest by the Kingslayer, we could only assume that he died... Or did he?

In a recent interview with The Wrap, the actor who plays Euron, Pilou Asbaek, talked about why it was very important that his death was not actually shown on screen.

Speaking about why his "death" went down the way it did, Asbaek said: "When we did the throne room scene (in Season 7) where Euron is in front of Cersei and goes like, ‘I always wanted to grow up to marry the most beautiful woman in the world. So here I am with a thousand ships and two good hands,’ I always wanted to act that like he meant it.

"So at the end, this is a guy, you don’t see him die — which is a very important note — but, that said, he got stabbed with a sword through the chest, so there is a pretty big possibility he’s gonna die.

"That said, I think he meant it. He’s the one who got Jaime Lannister, a guy who he has admired because Jaime has been one of the best fighters in the world and is the Kingslayer and has created a name for himself. And I’m a supporting cast member and my storyline has to be related to the main cast members, that helps as well, you know.

"If there was a couple more seasons, maybe it would have been Jaime Lannister saying, ‘I’m the man who got Euron Greyjoy!’ But I don’t know."