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13th Jun 2021

EXCLUSIVE: Connie Nielsen discusses what is happening with Wonder Woman 3

Rory Cashin

We spoke to Queen Hippolyta, aka Wonder Woman’s mum herself, about the future of the series.

The first Wonder Woman movie, when it was released in 2017, was a smash hit both with audiences and the critics.

Feeling like it was righting the ship after Batman V Superman and Suicide Squad, Warner Brothers and DC obviously knew they were on to a winner, greenlighting the sequel pretty quickly.

However, Wonder Woman 1984 was released in the midst of the pandemic, with the global box office of $166 million significantly less than the movie’s $200 million budget, while the 59% on Rotten Tomatoes showed that critics were also not fully feeling this sequel.

Despite that, it had already been reported that Wonder Woman was to be getting her own trilogy of movies (at least), but with the advent of the re-jigged Justice League, as well as the alternate timelines being shown in Joker and the upcoming The Batman, as well as completely rewritten timelines to play a major part in The Flash’s movie, nobody quite knew what the future of the DC Movie Universe would hold anymore.

JOE recently caught up with Connie Nielsen, who plays Queen Hippolyta (aka Wonder Woman’s adoptive mum) in those movies, in the run-up to the release of new action thriller Nobody.

You can check out our full interview with Nielsen right here:

As part of the interview, we had to ask, had there been any update at all on the future of the Wonder Woman movies?

Nielsen told us: “I guess we’re just waiting on Warner Brothers to finalise the date. There is a story that Patty [Jenkins, director of the first two Wonder Woman movies] has written out.

“So there is this whole thing for [Wonder Woman] 3 and also for The Amazons. I believe there is even a standalone for The Amazons.

“So I guess we’re just waiting to see where DC prioritises their investment in the DC-verse.”

You can also check out our interviews with Connie’s co-star Bob Odenkirk, as well as Nobody’s director Ilya Naishuller and producer Kelly McCormick right here.

Nobody arrives in Irish cinemas on Wednesday, 9 June.

Clip via Universal Ireland

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