EXCLUSIVE: Mark Wahlberg stars in this new clip from The Gambler 8 years ago

EXCLUSIVE: Mark Wahlberg stars in this new clip from The Gambler

We bet you this is going to be great. Get it? We BET you.

Because it's called The Gambl... never mind.


The Gambler hits Irish cinemas this Friday and the lovely people over at Paramount have kindly provided all of you fine JOE readers with a brand new exclusive clip from the crime film.

The Gambler, which is based on the 1974 film of the same name, stars Marky Mark Wahlberg and his world-famous funky bunch as an English literature professor with a severe gambling addiction.

We know he's an English literature professor because he wears glasses and reads books, and we know that he's addicted to gambling because he loooooves betting and seems to be a big fan of getting in way too deep with a number of ruthless money-lenders.

We guess that's why they call him The Gambler. Plus, The Well-Read English Literature Professor wouldn't have sounded quite as cool.


As well as the wonderful Wahlberg, the film also stars The Wire's Michael K. Williams and the living legend that is John Goodman, as two loan sharks who will stop at nothing to get their money back.

Check it out...

The Gambler hits Irish cinemas on Friday 23 January.