FEATURE: The five stages of Paul Rudd's brilliant career so far 6 years ago

FEATURE: The five stages of Paul Rudd's brilliant career so far

From "You know you're beautiful" to "60% of the time, it works every time."

Paul Rudd is a firm favourite here in JOE. In fact, we already wrote about how cool this man is for a variety of reasons, along with being a top actor, of course.


We even had a chance to offer him up a bromance when we interviewed him, and he lived up to our adoring expectations, even trying out some Irish slang along the way (ya bollix).

However, we only know how great he is off-camera thanks to what he has delivered on it. So, to celebrate Paul Rudd's 47th birthday (how is he 47?!), we take a look at the five stages of what has been an brilliant career so far.

Considering how sound he is, we're not even ranking these with any particular preference, because they're all great...

The Straight Man


Josh in Clueless

The Rudd charm has always been present, but in the early days his comedy chops were reserved.

Here he is back in the mid 1990s being all sincere and loving and sensitive and caring and basically just a damn heartthrob.


Clip via Movieclips

Dave Paris in Romeo + Juliet

Hard to believe he appeared in something as dramatic as Romeo + Juliet, but there he was as Dave Paris - Juliet's rich suitor.

Sure he never stood a chance after this fish tank scene with Leo...


Clip via Movieclips

The Support Man

David in The 40-Year-Old Virgin

After over a decade of paying his dues with several roles in various movie genres, Rudd was like a man let loose in The 40-Year-Old Virgin, playing one of the boys, David.


And a comic actor star was officially born...


It's hard to believe that The 40-Year-Old Virgin was released all the way back in 2004, and it turned out to be some year for our main man, because...

Brian Fantana in Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy

Yes, if the New Jersey native had never done anything afterwards, he would still be fondly remembered as Brian Fantana; one of Ron Burgundy's larger-than-life and frankly ridiculous colleagues and buddies.

Are you thinking of the same scene as we are?

"It's illegal in nine countries, so you know it's good."

Clip via Movieclips

Chuck in Forgetting Sarah Marshall

From one eccentric character to another, Rudd's beach-loving Chuck from Forgetting Sarah Marshall is one of the funniest elements in a very good comedy and is actually this JOE's favourite ever Rudd role (that could be a term).

He's so endearing and convincing as the stoner surfer that you half want to visit the island to see if you can track him down and, eh, say hi.


The TV man

Mike in Friends 

Right on the cusp of global fame, Rudd appeared as Phoebe's love interest Mike and totally ruined any chance of everybody's favourite other half David winning back the love of his life.

Mike was still great though, and here are the two boys vying for the heart of Ms. banana-hammock Buffay.

Clip via Glads Sarominez

Bobby Newport in Parks and Recreation

Stupid, immature, self-centred and full of entitlement.

Yeah, we should all really hate Bobby Newport, but the Rudd-appeal keeps us wanting more of this hopelessly hopeful city council campaigner.

Clip via sean Pegan

The Lead Man

Danny in Role Models

God, he tried hard to be the unlikable character when he shared the starring bill with the brilliant Seann William Scott, but we could all relate to Rudd's world-weary Danny.

This was droll played at its highest level.

"No, Venti is twenty. Large is large".

Clip via Movieclips

Rudd took his shot as the lead in a major comedy and ran with it, which leads us nicely onto...

Peter in I Love You, Man

From cynical and bitter to wonderfully naive and longing for some true friendship.

We're glad Peter Klaven found his bromantic soulmate. How could anyone not love this man?


The Risk-Taking Man

Scott Lang in Ant-Man

This could have been an absolute disaster, because taking on a Marvel role when you're better known for other genres is a massive risk, but Rudd keeps this entertaining all the way through.

In fairness, Ant-Man has its ups and downs, but Rudd's charisma is key to the success that this film enjoyed. Few others could have pulled it off like he managed.

Also, listening to this anecdote about his co-star Michael Douglas is value enough, to be fair.

Clip via The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

Sausage Party

This is honestly one of the most unique overall trailers, let alone of the animated persuasion, that we've ever seen.

Rudd is part of an amazing ensemble cast in Sausage Party, in what is one of the wackiest and most irreverent-looking films in years.

Clip via Sony Pictures Entertainment

As Rudd is such a legend, we've naturally left out a couple of gems, hidden or otherwise. Let us know by getting in touch on our WhatsApp number 087-4001102, editorial@JOE.ie or hit us up on Facebook or Twitter.