A new Stephen King adaptation and 7 more movies and shows to watch this weekend 4 days ago

A new Stephen King adaptation and 7 more movies and shows to watch this weekend

Plus a heartbreaking Irish drama, a spin-off of a hit sit-com and an absolutely shocking documentary.

The weather is supposed to be absolutely lovely this weekend, but we'll need stuff to watch during the evenings, while we cool down and apply the aftersun.


To kick things off, here are the movies which will all be available on the big screens around Ireland from Friday, 13 May.


An adaptation of the hit Stephen King horror novel, it tells the story of a father (Zac Efron) who is trying to hide his daughter from shady government agents. They want her because she has a unique pyrotechnic ability, one that she has just barely managed to keep under control, but as she gets older that power is getting more and more difficult to keep a lid on.



A young girl is sent away from her dysfunctional family home to live with some of her mother's relatives for the summer. While their relationship is frosty to begin with, they actually start to develop their own, unique family dynamic, but before long the young girl discovers something about her own family that is liable to change everything.



Mark Wahlberg headlines this true-life drama about a former boxer who survives a motorcycle accident and sees it as a second chance at life, believing he was always intended to become a priest. Co-stars Mel Gibson and Jacki Weaver.

And now on to the stuff you can watch at home this week, starting with...



After a woman's at-home DNA test reveals multiple half-siblings, she discovers a shocking scheme involving donor sperm and a popular fertility doctor. Check out our full review right here.

The documentary is available to watch on Netflix right now.


The sorta-spin-off of the hugely popular How I Met Your Mother sit-com, with a mother in the year 2050 (Kim Cattrall) telling her son who her younger self (Hilary Duff) met his father, as well as the many, MANY other romantic complications along the way.


All episodes of the first season are available to watch on Disney+ right now.


Not to be confused with the (vastly underrated) Matthew McConaughey movie of the same name, based on the same series of the books, an iconoclastic idealist (here played by Manuel Garcia-Rulfo) runs his law practice out of the back of his Lincoln in this series based on Michael Connelly's bestselling novels.

All episodes of the first season are available to watch on Netflix from Friday, 13 May.


The spiritual sequel to the original movies sees Egon Spengler's estranged family move into his abandoned home in the middle of nowhere, only to find out that this particular "nowhere" is right in the middle of a huge paranormal event.

The movie is available to watch with your NOW Cinema Membership from Friday, 13 May, and you can check out our interview with Paul Ruff himself about the movie right here:


After a cheerleader (Rebel Wilson) falls off a pyramid and into a 20 year coma, she wakes up as a 37-year-old woman, ready to return to high school, regain her status and claim the prom queen crown that eluded her...

The movie is available to watch on Netflix from Friday, 13 May.

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