First Dates Ireland is looking for groups of friends to take part in the show 4 years ago

First Dates Ireland is looking for groups of friends to take part in the show

Time to rally your mates.

Unless you were one of the people that took part in Louis Theroux's recent documentary about polyamory, you're probably more familiar with the 'traditional' concept of dating.


You know, you and your partner fall in love, talk about food, watch Netflix, occasionally do other stuff together. Isn't that what dating essentially is?

Anyway, despite the confines of monogamy and a one-to-one relationship, there's no denying that you incorporate your mates into your dating life.

Of course, you need someone to vent to if your partner is getting on your nerves and when it comes to getting over a bad date or breakup, there's nothing better than a night out on the tiles with your pals.

On this note, First Dates Ireland are looking to spread the love because the producers of the show, the very nice people at COCO TV, are looking to record some fun extra clips for the new series of the show.


Essentially, they're looking for groups of people to gather around and chat about their dating history - both good and bad. It should be stressed that members of these groups don't have to date other members of the group, instead, they're just looking for people that have a good gift of the gab when it comes to talking about their dating history.

As you can see below, they need a few great groups to take part in some digital videos.

Whether you're part of a sports team or a knitting group, best friends or close colleagues, they want to hear from you.

Further information can be found here and even if you're not looking for love, at least you and your mates might be able to get your faces on TV while chatting about your romantic history.


If you- or your mates - are good talkers, you know what to do.

Take a look.