First look at Season 2 of Mr Mercedes promises to be even darker and gripping 3 years ago

First look at Season 2 of Mr Mercedes promises to be even darker and gripping

If you haven't seen this murder mystery yet, you need to.

We all have our favourite Stephen King adaptation and while the likes of IT, Castle Rock and 1922 have taken the majority of the recent headlines, there's a very strong case to be made that Mr Mercedes is one of the finest Stephen King adaptations in years.


As soon as we heard that the incomparable and utterly brilliant Brendan Gleeson was starring in the show, we knew that it was going to be good. This being said, we had no idea that it was going to be *that* good.

As always, Gleeson delivers a fantastic performance as Bill Hodges, the burned-out and fiercely determined detective that's trying to solve the one case that's still plaguing him in retirement.

After being taunted by a demented serial killer (played by Harry Treadaway), the show expertly switches gears as a deadly cat-and-mouse chase gathers pace. What separates Mr Mercedes from the rest of the pack though is the fact that it takes the time to develop the main characters.

Throughout the first season, Gleeson's 'good guy' gets just as much screentime as the serial killer.

The show proved to be a massive hit when it aired on RTÉ and as Jack Bender (director/producer) says in the video below: "If you liked Season One, you're going to love Season 2."

This statement is supported by the show's writer/executive producer, Dennis Lehane, because he thinks the new season moves into an "eerier, more gothic world."

Here's a look at what's in store. We can't wait until it's back.


Clip via - Audience Network