The first plot details about The Sinner Season 2 have been revealed 9 months ago

The first plot details about The Sinner Season 2 have been revealed

A very different direction for a horrific new case. Fans will be gripped.

After Netflix acquired the distribution rights to show USA Network's drama The Sinner, not even the most optimistic executive for the online streaming giant could have predicted just how popular the murder drama would have been.

By flipping the standard formula on its head, The Sinner was more about the 'why' than the 'who' of that brutal crime and that unique approached definitely paid dividends. Audiences were addicted to the story of Cora Tannetti - a woman with repressed past memories that was facing a very bloody and public murder trial - and the critics did too.

Jessica Biel received a Golden Globes nomination for her performance in the leading role but as the series ended, there's one glaring issue. The eight episodes had a very definitive arc and everything was wrapped up by the end.

Well, as is the norm with popular shows, the creators have found a way around that little narrative dilemma because Season 2 will focus on a very different case.

Bill Pullman will be returning as Detective Ambrose, but it appears that Cora Tannetti will be more of a 'supporting' character throughout.

Cultbox have released the first plot details and here they are:"In the wake of the Cora Tannetti case, Detective Harry Ambrose (Bill Pullman) is called back to his hometown in distant rural New York to assess a disturbing new crime: an 11-year-old boy’s horrific double-homicide & his seemingly inexplicable motive.As Ambrose comes to realise there’s nothing ordinary about the boy or where he came from, his investigation leads him straight into the hidden darkness of his hometown and pitting him against those who’ll stop at nothing to protect its secrets.”

If it's half as popular as the first season, Netflix will have another winner on their hands.