The first reviews for You Season 2 should get fans very excited 2 years ago

The first reviews for You Season 2 should get fans very excited

Less than a week until Joe returns...

The first season of You kind of came out on nowhere, originally screened on Lifetime in the States, before Netflix caught wind of how bingeable it might be and snapped up the rights.


From then, the story of Joe (Penn Badgley) and his infatuation with Guinevere (Elizabeth Lail) got its hooks into viewers around the world.

Yes, it was trash, but it was addictive trash, the best kind of trash, and the world wanted more.

Fast forward barely a year, and You Season 2 is just a few days away, with Joe moving his life to L.A., and quickly getting involved with the next woman of dreams. Which, we're guessing, won't end well...

Some U.S. critics have already caught some of the episodes, and the reactions so far have been overwhelmingly positive:


AV Club - "The second season moves much slower than its predecessor, and the mystery of will-they/won’t-they takes a backseat to vital character development. That being said, the performances are fun, the skewering of Los Angeles should put folks from multiple districts in stitches, plus the soundtrack bangs."

Time - "Equal parts smart, silly and scary, You remains an offbeat, uniquely contemporary pleasure on the whole."

TV Guide - "You Season 2 is a meaty sophomore outing which gives its new cast plenty of new room to play while remaining familiar with its maniacal mainstay."

Vulture - "You proves itself to be a momentous, darkly spun treat this season that doles out blissful fun while providing fascinating commentary about the nature of desire, and it continues to be a great showcase for Badgley’s wiry menace."


Entertainment Weekly - "Much of the new season is fun, and showrunners Greg Berlanti and Sera Gamble nod to YOU’s more ridiculous tendencies by slipping in jokes at the show’s expense."

You can decide for yourself whether or not the return lives up to the hype when You Season Two drops in full on Netflix on Thursday 26 December.

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