The first reviews are in for Wonder Woman and they've got us very excited to see it 3 years ago

The first reviews are in for Wonder Woman and they've got us very excited to see it

Deep down, we really do want every film to be good (or at least so bad that it becomes hugely entertaining: Hi, Showgirls!).

We don't enjoy seeing films we had hope for get released and then torn to shreds by the critics.


After Disney and Marvel threw down the gauntlet with the slowly assembling Avengers, we were all looking forward to how Warners and DC would bounce back after The Dark Knight Trilogy by putting together their Justice League piece by piece.

Man Of Steel kicked it off in an interesting way (55% on Rotten Tomatoes, but really much better than you remember/it has been given credit for), but it was followed by the one-two punch of Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice (28%) and Suicide Squad (25%) and things weren't looking too hopeful.

However, with Man Of Steel making $668 million, BVS making $873 million and Suicide Squad making $745 million, it wasn't like Warners and DC were going to give up without a fight.

They've still got the Justice League (trailer here), Aqauman, Cyborg, The Flash, Green Lantern and more besides due out over the next few years, but before all that we'll soon be getting Wonder Woman, and the first reviews have just come out.

Let's just say we're very excited to see it now:



Wonder Woman marks the first female-fronted superhero movie since comic-book movies became big business again (the first person to mention Elektra gets banned for life), and not only that, but it is the first of the comic book movies to be directed by a female, too.

The director in question took to Twitter to answer some questions about the movie, and the gender politics surrounding it reared it's head:


We can check it out for ourselves when it arrives in Irish cinemas on 2 June, or head here for a chance to win tickets to the Irish premiere via The JOE Film Club!