Five comedy podcasts that will make your workout or commute much easier... 9 years ago

Five comedy podcasts that will make your workout or commute much easier...

While strangely not commericalised here in Ireland the same way they are over the Atlantic pond, podcasts are free and easy as hell to download – be you the proprietor of an Android OR iPhone.

There are few things worse than trying to motivate yourself to exercise, and often music playlists can become samey and the impact can fizzle out. If you find a particular podcast you like it can genuinely change how you workout completely and actually see you looking forward to that long run, or that epic gym session that your training partner couldn’t make…  It can also just make a grating commute that much more tolerable.


We decided to pick five of our favourites, each with a comedic twinge, that are well worth checking out.  All are worth dipping into to see if they’re your thing; we find the five of ‘em educational, entertaining and genuinely funny – hence why we picked them.

The Joe Rogan Experience

With a name like that how could you not love this guy!? Rogan is predominately known on this side of the pond for his stellar work as the main colour commentator in the UFC. But he’s also a hugely successful stand-up comedian, who sells out big venues around North America. This podcast is one of the most popular over there and mixes comedy, fight talk and some often abstract thinking for an eclectic tone. While you might not always agree with Rogan or his guests, JRE is surprisingly educational. It also runs on average at about two and a half hours – so perfect if you’re marathon training or have a long commute to/from work or college.

The Monday Morning Podcast


Hosted by JOE’s favourite comedian Bill Burr (it flicks between him and Louis C.K. depending on what day you catch us on), this hilarious podcast is essentially Burr talking about his week. Like a bunch of comedians with these types of shows, he works out a lot of his material actually within the podcast, which makes for hilarious listening. Seriously, JOE almost dropped a dumbbell on our foot once while we listened in the gym and burst out laughing. Most shows are around an hour long, with the funniest parts frequently when Burr turns agony uncle for his listeners.

The Adam Carolla Show

Carolla started out his career in radio working with best pal Jimmy Kimmel, and the two went on to TV in the early 2000s with the Comedy Central series, The Man Show. Carolla is a fascinating character that is incredibly quick on his feet; he also isn’t afraid to voice his opinions or take the piss out of himself – something he couldn’t do when he was on broadcast radio early in his career. He almost always has ‘name’ guests and his, out of all the podcasts featured, is probably the most structured. Shows generally run around ninety minutes and are always a blast.

WTF with Marc Maron


Maron is a stand-up comedian with decades of experience in the industry, and a lot of famous friends who regularly turn up in his garage for a chat. The likes of Seth Rogen, Conan O’Brien, Judd Apatow, Dave Grohl and even Louis C.K. have sat down for a yabber with the neurotic comic, who is often painfully and admirably honest on his hour-long shows. Maron himself might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but he’s a skilled interviewer who really has a knack of getting his A-list names to open up.

Mohr Stories

Jay Mohr is one of those guys who’d you recognise, but probably not be able to place. He’s been in a shitload of movies in supporting roles (remember Bob Sugar in Jerry Maguire?) and even starred in a couple (you probably DON’T recall Picture Perfect… but safe to say he is not a Jennifer Aniston fan). Mohr has a lot of personal stories from his on-going career in the entertainment business as an actor and comic and isn’t afraid to give people he’s worked with shit, or praise. Honest, blokey and full of interesting guests. It runs around the hour mark.

If you're on Android and want to download directly, we recommend the 'Beyond Pod' app you can download in The Play Store for free. Otherwise all are available on iTunes or from the respective websites... that we've linked to 'cause we're sound like that.