Five great new trailers you might have missed this week 2 months ago

Five great new trailers you might have missed this week

A look at some very exciting movies and shows coming in the next few weeks and months.

With so many new movies and TV shows vying for your attention, a lot of them can accidentally fall through the cracks.


Well don't worry, cos your pals at JOE have put together a little round-up of some of the trailers for new shows and movies that might've passed you by in the last seven days or so, starting with...


The 2016 original was a bit of a surprise hit (over $150 million box office from a $10 million budget), so the additional surprise is that it has taken them this long to rustle up the sequel. Stephen Lang is back as the blind man capable of killing pretty much everyone he meets, but from the trailer, it looks like he's been twisted from antagonist to protagonist, unless the trailer is purposefully leading us down the wrong path? Still, looks scary enough.

Don't Breathe 2 will arrive in Irish cinemas on Friday, 13 August.

Clip via Sony UK



The idea of "duelling trailers" is not a new one, but it is difficult to think of a pair more charmingly capable of delivering them properly than Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt. Disney has released two trailers for the new action-adventure-based-on-a-theme-park-ride movie, which is hoping to kick off a franchise as successful as Pirates of the Caribbean.

Jungle Cruise will be released in cinemas and on Disney+ with Premier Access from Friday, 30 July.

Clips via Disney



Okay, so imagine this: Die Hard... set on a plane... and also there are vampires involved. That is essentially the premise of Blood Red Sky, an upcoming action-horror movie that sees a group of hijackers take over a plane, only for one of the passengers to be a killer bloodsucker. With a mile-high concept like that, we are FULLY on-board. (On-board, airplane joke, nailed it.)

Blood Red Sky will be available on Netflix from Friday, 23 July.


Clip via Netflix


Mike White (School of Rock, Nacho Libre) is the writer and director of this new HBO mini-series, which sees an all-star cast as the staff and guests at a lush Hawaii resort, and the events that take place over the course of one week while they're all there. While the trailer doesn't give much away, we're willing to guess there is some kind of dark secret mystery that will eventually tie them all together. Essentially, this is exactly the kind of HBO show we all love to devour in one go.

The White Lotus is set to debut in the States later in July, and we're expecting it to be available on NOW and Sky Atlantic in August.


Clip via HBO


Irish cinema is going to have a stellar 2021, with one of the many productions that has our attention being this dark drama, centred around two sisters - Nora-Jane Noone (Brooklyn, The Magdalene Sisters) alongside Nika McGuigan (Philomena, The Secret Scripture) - who are attempting to uncover more information about their mother's death, while the local townsfolk close ranks and want them to stop looking into it.

Wildfire is due to arrive in Irish cinemas on Friday, 3 September.

Clip via Modern Films