Four very intense brand new action-thrillers are landing on Prime Video this July 2 months ago

Four very intense brand new action-thrillers are landing on Prime Video this July

One of the nail-biting movies was filmed in Ireland.

The folks at Prime Video have announced their movie line-up for July, and film-lovers will be very happy, because there is A LOT to enjoy.


First of all, the classics being added to their library through the month include La La Land (Saturday, 3 July), Annabelle Comes Home (Saturday, 17 July) and the Indiana Jones Quadrilogy (Saturday, 24 July).

But they've also got four brand new movie releases coming in July, and they all look like very interesting, very exciting thrillers.

Consider them all added to our must-watch list over the next four weeks or so...


Chris Pratt teams up with the director of The LEGO Batman Movie for this big budget sci-fi action-thriller which almost seems like an unofficial sequel to Edge Of Tomorrow. Soldiers from the future travel back in time to recruit fighters in order to help humanity in a losing war against an invading alien army.

The Tomorrow War arrives on Prime Video on Friday, 2 July.



Allison Williams (Get Out) and Alexander Dreymon (The Last Kingdom) play a former couple who grab a flight to their friend's wedding in Mauritius, only for the pilot to suffer a fatal heart attack and the plane heading into a huge storm. Large parts of the action sequences were actually filmed in Dublin. (We got to visit the set and everything!)

Horizon Line lands on Prime Video on Wednesday, 14 July



In what sounds like a remix of Jason Statham's cult hit Crank, here we have Kate Beckinsale playing a woman suffering from a rare psychological disorder that sends her into a violent rage whenever she witnesses anyone being cruel or abusive. When her first proper boyfriend is murdered, she reacts in the only way she knows how, hunting down his killers, while also being chased by the police, as she is the prime suspect in the boyfriend's death. The movie co-stars Stanley Tucci, Jai Courtney, Susan Sarandon, Bobby Cannavale, and Laverne Cox.

Jolt arrives on Prime Video on Friday, 23 July.



Set in WWII, it centres around Chloe Grace Moretz (Kick-Ass) as a soldier delivering top-secret documents on an army plane, only to discover an evil presence on board. A mix of war movie, creature feature, and bonkers single-location thriller, it is exactly the kind of film that Friday nights in were made for.

Shadow in the Cloud hits Prime Video on Friday, 30 July.

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