A friendly reminder that Bruce Springsteen will be on this week's Graham Norton Show 1 year ago

A friendly reminder that Bruce Springsteen will be on this week's Graham Norton Show

Great news for fans of The Boss and the rest of the lineup is excellent too.

Despite the fact that he's now 70, Bruce Springsteen is showing no signs of slowing down, which is perfectly apt given his remarkable energy as a live performer.


Seriously, how is The Boss 70? He still looks like he did all those years ago when he released Greetings from Asbury Park, N.J!

Anyway, after establishing himself as a bonafide rock 'n roll icon, a Broadway attraction, an established author and one of the finest live performers of all time, it seems that Springsteen still has more goals he wants to achieve.

While we're certain that an appearance on the Graham Norton Show is something that The Boss is looking forward to, it's probably not as notable as his directorial debut, Western Stars.

Springsteen will be on the couch this week to talk about the documentary inspired by his album of the same name and we're sure he'll have a few stories to tell besides.

Anyone who has ever seen Springsteen play live, or his recent show on Broadway, you'll know that he's one of the finest storytellers around and will be well worth a watch.

If the iconic musician isn't a big enough draw, you'll be delighted to know that the brilliant and ageless Paul Rudd will also be chatting to Graham about his new show on Netflix, Living With Yourself.

Want an Oscar winner on the show too? Well, how about Robert De Niro? The iconic actor will be returning to the show to chat about his role in Joker and Martin Scorsese's new gangster epic, The Irishman.


To round things off, James Blunt will be providing the music.

We know what we'll be watching on Friday night at 10.35.