Game of Thrones author slates rumours he hates a character on the show and the actor who plays him 3 months ago

Game of Thrones author slates rumours he hates a character on the show and the actor who plays him

"Total bullshit. Not a shred of truth."

There's a particular scene that just cuts to the very core of what makes Bronn such a brilliant character in Game of Thrones. After Joffrey orders Ser Meryn to strike Sansa and punish her for the rebellion of her brother, Robb Stark, Tyrion interjects and chastises the King for his behaviour.

After asking Sansa if she still wants to marry Joffrey, Tyrion and Bronn have a conversation about why Joffrey is so cruel.

Bronn: The little king's backed up. Clogged from balls to brains.

Tyrion: You think dipping his wick will cure what ails him?

Bronn: There's no cure for being a cunt.

And with that one line, Bronn's status as one of the funniest characters in Game of Thrones was cemented, however, he's also a ferocious killer that's survived so far in the show.

Now that he's set to inherit Highgarden, it looks likely that Ser Bronn of the Blackwater is going to put his sell-sword days behind him and become a respectable Lord.

Na! We can't see that happening and we definitely couldn't see George R.R. Martin hating one of his wittiest characters.

Well, we all know that the Internet is dark and full of terrors but a recent rumour was circulating that the author hates the character of Bronn and the actor who plays him, Jermone Flynn.

As he frequently does, Martin took to his blog to clarify these inaccurate rumours.

"As long as I am shooting down loony stories on the Internet, there was also one that claimed I hate the character Bronn and/or the actor who portrays him, Jerome Flynn. Total bullshit. Not a shred of truth.

"I created Bronn, so it would be immodest of me to say he’s a terrific character… but what the hell, he’s a terrific character, and my readers will definitely be seeing more of him in the books to come. And Jerome Flynn has been just wonderful. It’s been a honour to work with him. He’s done a marvellous job of bringing Bronn to life. Again: don’t believe anything you read on the internet."

We're fairly certain that Jerome Flynn didn't mind these rumours because to quote his most famous character "If you waste time trying to get people to love you. You'll end up the most popular dead man in town."

We agree.