QUIZ: Test your knowledge of Gogglebox 1 month ago

QUIZ: Test your knowledge of Gogglebox

This is pretty much everyone's favourite easy-watching show, but how well do you really know it...?

It is sort of genius, isn't it?


Having millions of people each and every night tune in to watch the telly... which consists of other people watching the telly.

Gogglebox is the show where genius and simplicity crosses over pretty much entirely on the Venn diagram of creativity, and it is easily one of the most easy-to-watch shows on TV.

Everyone reckons they'd be great on the show themselves, everyone has their own favourite members (Jenny Newby and Lee Riley 4-eva!), and everyone loves it when they're all watching a scary movie, because you know someone is about to fling a bowl of popcorn into the air.

But how well do you know one of the most popular entertainment shows on TV right now?


Play below to find out...