WATCH: Ryan Gosling can't stop cracking up during one of Saturday Night Live's weirdest sketches 5 years ago

WATCH: Ryan Gosling can't stop cracking up during one of Saturday Night Live's weirdest sketches

The return of Saturday Night Live this weekend was full of momentous moments.

Ryan Gosling was there to promote Blade Runner 2049, but he kicked off the show by telling the audience that he single-handedly saved jazz music, before being joined by Emma Stone who corrected him, because she too saved jazz from extinction.


Jay-Z was the musical guest for the night, and he weighed on in the NFL/Trump situation with his performance, while Alec Baldwin also returned to play the President, and the show tackled Trump's complete lack of action over the Puerto Rico crisis.

But even with all of that, this episode seemed to have one goal in mind: make Ryan Gosling laugh.

Gosling has a bit of a habit of not being able to keep it together on the show, like this time he played an alien abductee the last time he hosted the show in December 2015, and his co-star Kate McKinnon (now best known from the likes of Ghostbusters and Rough Night) continued to crack him up time and time again.


This time though, it feels like the writers at SNL did their absolute best to make sure than Gosling had no hope of not breaking character and giggling all the way through.

He plays a fugitive, hiding out in a chicken coop, with a giant hen who he may or may not have fallen in love with. The cops are close on his tail, and ..... you know what? You're probably just better off watching it, because explaining it isn't doing it any justice.

See? What even was that?


Aside from being hilarious, obviously.

And just to prove that last night's writers really did have the singular goal of breaking Gosling as much and as hard as they possibly could, they actually put together a sequel of the alien abduction piece, and this time Kate McKinnon straight up gropes Gosling's ass as much and as hard as she possibly could.

Ryan never stood a chance.


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