All you need to know about Greg O'Shea - Love Island's latest Irish star 1 year ago

All you need to know about Greg O'Shea - Love Island's latest Irish star

First we had Yewande and Maura, now we have an Irish lad thrown into the Love Island villa.

The Irish have given a fairly good account of themselves so far in Love Island.


Yewande gave us some of the highlights of the series so far -  calling Danny out for his bollocks being particularly special - and Maura is arguably the MVP of the whole thing.

And next up to represent us is Greg O'Shea, the 24-year-old professional rugby player from Limerick.

greg o'shea love island

In a publicity interview prior to him entering the villa, O'Shea says he has always been a "one girl kind of guy", and that when he falls for a girl, he falls hard. Add that to the fact that he his eye on Maura of all people, and we can only imagine the drama that's going to unfold around him.

Maura, however, is currently involved with Curtis, so you may be wondering if that will act as a deterrent to young Greg.

Well his definition of bro code should give you an insight into what he might get up to: "If there is a lad that you have a loyalty to and he has been talking to a girl and then you go and try and crack on with her, that's against bro code.

"You should have a word with them before you crack on and you should never get to know a mate's ex-girlfriend."


Well luckily, we don't think Greg has any mates in the villa just yet, so it's all fair game.

O'Shea will join the villa alongside India Reynolds and Harley Brash, who are said to have their eyes on Michael and Ovie...

Roll on 9pm tonight.