One of HBO's best new shows in years will finally be available to watch in Ireland 3 months ago

One of HBO's best new shows in years will finally be available to watch in Ireland

We really can't recommend this one enough.

Winner of Outstanding Writing, Outstanding Directing and Outstanding Lead Actress at the Emmys.


Winner of Best Comedy or Musical Television Series at the Golden Globes.

100% on Rotten Tomatoes.

A second season has already been commissioned.

Ever since it debuted on HBO in 2021, comedy fans have been keeping an eye out for when Hacks will finally be available in Ireland, and we're pleased to say it is finally happening... and incredibly soon!


It tells the story of two comedians stuck at either end of their careers; a legendary Vegas diva (Jean Smart - Fargo, Watchmen, Mare of Easttown) is trying to stay relevant in constantly shifting world, and her own manager is trying to cut back on the number of her gigs; and a young comedy writer (Hannah Einbinder) is finding it hard to get work after a huge backlash to an insensitive tweet.

The two cross paths and decide to work together, hoping to help each other's careers out of the doldrums, and maybe learn to respect each other's approaches to comedy.

As mentioned above, the critical response to the show was phenomenal, with some absolutely glowing reviews for the new show:

The Atlantic - "The genius of Hacks is how deftly it critiques decades of TV comedy, reminding viewers of what’s missing now (stars of Deborah's wattage and grace) as much as what’s changed for the better."


Pittsburg Tribune - "Easily the funniest new TV/streaming comedy of the year."

San Francisco Chronicle - "For all its gut-punch humor, Hacks is dead serious about how show business treats women. You might be laughing too hard to hear it, but there’s a low frequency scream running just beneath the comedy. This show makes a rich contribution to the buddy comedy tradition, never superficial or skin deep and always very, very funny."

Indiewire - "It’s clear this series has legs, as a much-deserved showcase for Smart, as a thoughtful story about the evolution of comedy, and as an original series that’s very much its own thing. Let’s see where this show can go."

All ten episodes of Hacks will be available on Amazon Prime Video from Friday, 1 April.


Clip via HBO