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30th Jul 2014

Happy Birthday Arnold Schwarzenegger: Here are 10 of our favourite quotes from his films

He eats green berets for breakfast...

Paul Moore

He eats green berets for breakfast…

Arnold Schwarzenegger is celebrating his 67 birthday today and to mark the occasion we have decided to look at ten memorable quotes from some of his best films.


JOE still thinks that the sci-fi classic is the manliest movie of all time as seen by its cast.

Billy tries to fight an alien with just a knife, Mac runs a razor blade over his face just to relax, Carl Weathers gets his arm blown off yet still manages to keep firing his gun and Blain’s tobacco can turn anyone into a “god damned sexual Tyrannosaurus”.

There is only one man though who has the charisma to lead this elite squadron. Arnie has so many great lines in this film but the first one that springs to our minds is this.

Clip via – Andy P

Total Recall

Break-ups Schwarzenegger style.

Clip via – OneLinerArmory


We’ll tell you a little secret, every article that you read on JOE goes through a very rigorous and unique writing process. We begin by typing out all of our work out on typewriters and then sending it off to a secret base via carrier pigeon where it is posted online.

We only do this because Terminator has us convinced that Skynet will soon be taking over the world and the machines will be able to track us down.

JOE are men of our words much like those damned machines are cyborgs of their words.

Clip via – The22orlando


To be honest, we could do an entire list of just Commando quotes and it would probably be the greatest list in the history of time.

We absolutely love the bonkers action film that sees Arnie’s John Matrix on a mission to defeat a small armies worth of bad guys in a bid to rescue his daughter, that looks suspiciously nothing like him, from the clutches of a villain who has a serious leather fetish.

We can’t bring ourselves to choose just one line, these are all gold.

Clip via – bigsmooth

True Lies

Apparently this film was James Cameron’s take on what he would do if he was allowed to direct a Bond film. Part of us still hopes to see Arnie replace Daniel Craig as 007.

Who needs stealth, sophistication or suaveness (if that is even a word) when you can have this.

Clip via – MovieDeaths2000

The Running Man

A hidden gem in the Schwarzenegger collection that deserves much more love than it gets.

The cult classic sees Arnie play a wrongly convicted man who has to try and survive a public execution gauntlet that is staged as a game show. If only Big Brother was done like this.

Clip via – omhouse


In an alternate world, JOE would recreate Twins with Marty Morrissey and The Rock. We doubt if they could deliver one liners quite like this though.

Clip via – hilman345

Kindergarden Cop

Better known as the film where Arnie loses the plot and screams at some kids. JOE would still like him as our teacher though.

Clip via – Senbei68

T2: Judgement Day

James Cameron’s brilliant sequel will always be an action classic and it remains Schwarzenegger’s best and most iconic performance.

The decision to re-programme the T-800 as the good guy was utterly brilliant and the dramatic reversal is best summarised with one line.

Clip via – The Best Film One Liners

Batman & Robin

If JOE had a spaceship or rocket then we would take every copy of this film, load them on board and fire it directly into the sun.

At least Arnie got to say all of these puns.

Clip via – M3GAB1TE

Let’s just sit back and enjoy some of his best work, we cant stop laughing at this video.

Clip via – glockman1727ak47

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