Happy Birthday Borat! High five! Here are 8 things that we learned from the genius journalist 8 years ago

Happy Birthday Borat! High five! Here are 8 things that we learned from the genius journalist

He really helped us with our Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Ireland...

Everyone here in JOE Towers absolutely loves our juvenile, stupid and hilarious comedies, but there are very few films that actually made our ribs hurt because we were laughing so much.


Sacha Baron Cohen's most hilarious alter-ego first came to our attention on The Ali G Show in 2000, but American audiences got their first look at Kazakhstan's most famous fictional character eight years ago.

The film is a comedic tour-de-force and, amongst all the gypsy tears, shape-shifters and guard bears lies one of the most poignant and sharp cultural comedies that has ever been made.

And so, in honour of the brilliant birthday boy Borat, here are eight valuable lessons that the mankini-wearing man taught us...

Be proud of your roots


All people are shaped by their upbringing and you really have to love Borat's hometown and family.

Not only does he have a 13 year-old son named Hooeylewis and 12 year-old twin boys named Biram and Bilak, but his brother Bilo is kept in a cage and his sister Natalya seems quite good at her job .

All things being said, we think that he really did love his boring wife Oksana though. Maybe it was because she was quite handy with a plough...


Stand up for what you believe in

We're sure that Dr. Yamuka's discovery that women's brains are the size of squirrels is wrong, but at least Borat has the courage to defend his convictions.

The feminist's reaction to the fact that Borat doesn't know the meaning of the word "demean" still makes us laugh.


Learn the rules of the road

Who knew that you can't drink, drive or stalk people whilst behind the wheel? It's nice to see Borat making a new boyfriend though.


People skills are a must


We also made the rookie mistake of bringing a bag of our own crap to a dinner party featuring the Queen, Daniel O'Donnell and Marty Morrissey once. True story.

This harrowing experience wouldn't put off a pro like Borat though, as he once again asked the questions that matter.

Research is important

JOE based our journalism career on Borat's intense, exhaustive and hard-hitting line of questions. No detail is is left unexamined and no question is too difficult.

Telling a good joke can help

This rib-tickler has gotten us out of so many tight spots over the years. We also find that some cheese made out of breast milk also helps...

Never give up on your dreams

America was built by people who came to the land of opportunity in the hope of making a better life for themselves and their families.

The American dream can come true if you're prepared to work hard, make sacrifices and take initiative. Or you can just try and kidnap Pamela Anderson by throwing her into the traditional wedding satchel and running for your life.


If all else fails then resort to violence

This scene is just like staring into the sun; you're told not to do it but you can't help but look. Jagshemash!