Hector is back on TG4, and he's going "Ó Chósta go Cósta" in the USA 1 year ago

Hector is back on TG4, and he's going "Ó Chósta go Cósta" in the USA

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Hector will be touring across the States, from Georgia to California.

Where do you sign up to do Hector Ó hEochagáin's job? Because we really would like to have Hector's job.

This time around, the Navan man is heading Stateside. Starting in the south west in the great state of Georgia, he'll be travelling more than 5,000 miles to sunny California.

We don't know what it is about Hector that just attracts the most interesting people, but it's just about the only thing you're guaranteed with one of his road trips. No matter where in the world he goes, you can be cínnte that he'll find the chattiest person in town.

The first episode is launching at 9.30PM on Thursday, 24 October on TV and the TG4 Player. Over the next eight weeks, we'll be following Hector on his epic journey through the Deep South.

Hector USA will be road tripping from Georgia through Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana into Texas, New Mexico and Arizona before finishing up on the Pacific seaboard in California. Covering eight states and more than 5000 miles on the road, it will be one helluva of an awesome adventure with Hector taking us to a world only he can access.

Brought to you by TG4