Here are the 11 best movies on TV on Friday 1 week ago

Here are the 11 best movies on TV on Friday

What else would you be doing of a Friday night?

It's Friday, baby! And we all know that we don't have any crazy plans these days.


So if you're not tuning into The Late Late Show tonight, here are the best movies on the box.

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes - 9pm - E4

Andy Serkis. Gary Oldman. Fighting apes. What the hell else are you waiting for?

Taken - 9pm - Film4

Very particular set of skills, etc.

Rocky V - 9pm - TCM 

Probably the worst of the original Rocky movies, but still a decent watch all the same. Great soundtrack, and some decent fight scenes obviously.


Identity Thief - 9pm - ITV2

A fairly meh comedy to be honest, but considering the majority of the films on the box tonight are quite serious, we thought we'd include it anyway.

Quantum of Solace - 9pm - ITV2

Your daily James Bond movie sees Daniel Craig kick ass in Bolivia.

The Client - 10pm - RTÉ2


Courtroom thriller based on the popular novel by John Grisham. A tense, but enjoyable watch.

John Wick: Chapter 2 - 10pm - Comedy Central 

Never, ever get in the way of a man and his dog.

Miles Davis: Birth of the Cool - 10.35pm - BBC One


A documentary about the jazz legend who broke down boundaries at a time where what he was achieving was unheard of.

Flight - 11.05am - Sky One

An outstanding watch about a pilot (Denzel Washington) who successfully lands a crashing plane, despite being drunk. It saw Denzel pick up an Oscar nomination, and it was much deserved.

The Da Vinci Code - 11.35pm - RTÉ One


The iconic mystery thriller starring the incredible Tom Hanks. Directed by Ron Howard and based on the well-known Dan Brown novel.

Disturbia - 00.35am - Channel 4

An absolutely terrifying movie that starts after midnight? Wouldn't be us, but if you're brave enough, it's a good watch with a young Shia LaBeouf in the title role.