Here are the 7 best movies on TV on Friday 6 months ago

Here are the 7 best movies on TV on Friday

Sure why wouldn't you watch a movie on a Friday evening?

The weather is crap, we're all stuck indoors.


Watch a movie.

Unless you're not interested in The Late Late Show, these may be the movies for you.

The Da Vinci Code - Dave - 9pm

The iconic mystery thriller starring Tom Hanks. Directed by Ron Howard and based on the well-known Dan Brown novel.

It - ITV2 - 9pm 

A properly scary movie about the terrifying clown Pennywise. "You'll float too."

Rocky II - TCM - 9pm


Rocky vs Apollo. Round 2. A rematch for the ages. What a movie.

The Crying Game - RTÉ2 - 9.40pm 

Neil Jordan deservedly won an Oscar for this tale of a British soldier kidnapped by IRA terrorists who soon befriends one of his captors. Also referenced in a famous Father Ted scene.

Definitely worth watching if you've never seen it before.

Ghost - Virgin Media One - 10pm 


More than just that sexy pottery scene, we promise.

Trumbo - RTÉ One - 11.35pm

Biopic of the acclaimed Hollywood screenwriter Dalton Trumbo, who was jailed and blacklisted in the 1940s for his left-wing political views. Anything with Bryan Cranston in the lead role is worth a watch.

The Witch - Channel4 - 00.15am


A good old fashioned horror movie, considering we are in the spooky season.