Here are the best movies on TV this evening 1 month ago

Here are the best movies on TV this evening

Some evening entertainment.

It's Wednesday and let's not waste your time any longer, you're here for the movies on TV.


Here's the pick of them.

Crocodile Dundee II - Film4 - 6.45pm

The second one.

A very Sunday afternoon movie, even though it's on at quarter to seven this evening.

Deep Blue Sea - Comedy Central - 9pm

When people think of great shark movies, they think of Jaws. In reality, they should think about Deep Blue Sea.

Office Christmas Party - Film4 - 9pm


Probably as sleazy and forgettable as your own office Christmas party.

Legion - Sony Movie Channel - 9pm

Horror/action where Paul Bettany plays an archangel protecting an unborn baby from a pack of demons.

Coogan's Bluff - ITV4 - 10pm

A classic western from 1968, the first of many brilliant collaborations between director Don Siegel and star Clint Eastwood.


Not the first or the last time its been on this channel.

The Butterfly Effect - Sony Movie Channel - 10.55pm

The butterfly effect is the idea that small things can have non-linear impacts on a complex system.

Ashton Kutcher blacks out and goes back in time. But every small thing he does has huge consequences on the present.


The Heat - Film4 - 11.10pm

A buddy cop movie flipped on its head and the result is more than decent.