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23rd Apr 2024

An incredible Denzel Washington double bill is airing on TV tonight

Stephen Porzio

The two movies earned mixed reviews upon release but are now considered cult favourites.

Our TV movie pick for tonight (Tuesday, April 23) is the Denzel Washington double bill on Film4 of Déjà Vu and Man on Fire.

On top of both starring the two-time Oscar-winner, the two films were directed by Tony Scott – also known for making such classics as Top Gun, True Romance, Crimson Tide and Enemy of the State.

Released in 2006, Déjà Vu sees Washington play Doug Carlin – an ATF agent investigating a ferry bombing in New Orleans that leaves hundreds dead.

Due to his impressive ability for deduction, he is invited by an FBI agent (Val Kilmer) to join a new governmental unit investigating the attack.

It turns out the top-secret unit has access to groundbreaking technology that can enable Doug to go back in time and try to prevent the crime.

Released two years before Déjà Vu, meanwhile, was Man on Fire where Washington plays John Creasy – a former CIA man struggling with alcoholism, burnout and guilt over his actions while with the agency.

With the help of his longtime friend (Christopher Walken), he gets a job as a bodyguard for a young girl named Pita (Dakota Fanning), whose father runs a big business in Mexico City.

Creasy finds a newfound purpose in life looking after Pita. However, when the child is kidnapped, her protector uses his CIA skills to launch a one-man war against the people responsible.

While both movies received mixed reviews from critics upon release, in the years since they have each gathered a cult following thanks to Washington’s charismatic lead turns, Scott’s exciting hyperkinetic visual style and the films’ twisty plots.

In particular, Man on Fire is now considered by many to be one of Washington’s best movies. Its grown in esteem so much in fact that Netflix recently announced plans to adapt the original novel on which its based or TV.

Déjà Vu and Man on Fire are airing in that order on TV tonight on Film4 at 9pm and 11.25pm.

Man on Fire is also streaming on Disney+, Netflix and Prime Video. Déjà Vu is available to watch as well on Disney+.

Here are the movies airing on TV tonight:

Now You See Me 2 – Sky Showcase – 9pm

Many have made this joke before but they really should have called the sequel ‘Now You See Me, Now You Don’t’.

Sherlock Holmes – Comedy Central – 9pm

Guy Ritchie and Robert Downey Jr.’s highly entertaining take on the Arthur Conan Doyle-created detective.

Capricorn One – Legend Xtra – 9pm

A reporter (Elliot Gould) discovers a conspiracy involving a space mission in this well-liked ’70s thriller.

The Magnificent Seven – RTÉ2 – 9.30pm

Denzel Washington stars again, this time opposite Chris Pratt and Ethan Hawke, in this remake of the Western classic. We’ve recommended it many times before.

AVP: Alien vs Predator – ITV4 – 11.10pm

The two legendary horror creatures face-off against each other in this fun spin-off.

Black Rock – Legend Xtra – 11.25pm

This decent horror thriller sees a camping trip on a Maine island turn nightmarish for three women (Kate Bosworth, Katie Aselton and Lake Bell) after they encounter a group of violent war veterans.

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