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23rd Apr 2024

One of 2024’s very best horror movies is now available to stream at home

Stephen Porzio

Described as ‘Alan Partridge by way of The Exorcist’, the film holds a 97% Rotten Tomatoes score.

Late Night With the Devil, a movie that is sure to be considered one of 2024’s best horrors, is now available to stream.

Starring the excellent David Dastmalchian (The Dark Knight, Dune, The Suicide Squad), he plays Jack Delroy – the ambitious host of a ’70s US syndicated talk show called Night Owls who dreams of achieving higher ratings than his rival Johnny Carson.

That being said, ratings for Jack’s show have plummeted since the tragic death of his beloved wife Madeleine (Georgina Haig).

“Desperate to turn his fortunes around, on October 31st, 1977, Jack plans a Halloween special like no other – unaware he is about to unleash evil into the living rooms of America,” the plot synopsis reads.

Presented in a mockumentary-style format – as if viewers are watching a real episode of Night Owls, as well as behind-the-scenes footage captured on the night in question – Late Night with the Devil landed in Irish and UK cinemas just last month.

Now on horror streaming service Shudder after its theatre run – where it made a spookily specific amount of money – the movie holds a near-perfect 97% score on Rotten Tomatoes.

In particular, critics praised the often under-utilised Dastmalchian’s charismatic multi-layered lead performance, along with the film’s evocation of a ’70s talk show, its dark humour and its genuinely creepy story.

Established horror figures Stephen King and Kevin Smith have also publicly raved about the film, with the latter calling it “Rosemary’s Baby meets Network”.

You can read a sample of the positive reviews for Late Night with the Devil right here:

AV Club: “Virtually everything about Late Night With The Devil works, from its sets to its costumes to its casting to its impeccable sound design. It’s a gem on every level, and it’s already a contender for the best new horror film of 2024.”

Empire: “A smart, original approach makes this much more than just another Exorcist wannabe. You’ll sense that there are horrors coming, but you still won’t quite feel ready.”

Observer (UK): “Smart, cynical and at times devilishly funny, the film delivers a crackle of disruptive static to the demonic possession genre.” “David Dastmalchian is again just excellent, really holding the film together as he finds the right tone between smarmy and likable that dominated so much ‘70s culture.'”

Time Out: “It’s wonderfully creepy and unnervingly familiar, like Alan Partridge by way of The Exorcist. If that doesn’t automatically enter it into the pantheon of classic midnight movies, I don’t know what does.”

Late Night with the Devil is streaming on Shudder in Ireland, the UK and the US right now.

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