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10th May 2016

Here’s how old The Simpsons family would be if they aged in real time


Now we’ve worked out Homer Simpson’s age, we’re going for the entire family.

For the most part The Simpsons has avoided having characters age. There have been a few birthdays here and there, but a floating timeline is used where everyone remains the same age in the current year.

But, there are a few dates that don’t get messed around with, which would hint at how old certain characters would be in real life.

For example, Grandpa Simpson is a World War Two veteran, which would put him in his 90s, while Armin Tamzarian Seymour Skinner is a Vietnam veteran, making him in his 60s at the very least.

The clues are out there. You just have to be a big Simpsons nerd like us and spot them.

Here’s our look at how old the Simpsons clan would be in real life.


Homer Simpson – 36 in the show, 60 in real life

As we spotted earlier this week, Homer’s driving license was revealed in an episode giving him a birthday of May 12, 1956, which would make him 60 this year.

Waaay back in season four episode “Lisa the Beauty Queen“, Homer plays a “Guess your Age” game at a carnival and tells the man running the stall that he’s 36 years old. The carnie guesses he’s 53. Oops.


Marge Simpson – 34 in the show, 58 in real life

Marge’s age is slightly trickier to figure out.

In most flashbacks to when she and Homer met they’re often in the same class. Back in season two episode “The Way We Was“, Marge is shown as a high school senior with Homer, making her 18 years old in 1974.

Doing the maths we’d assume she’d be the same age as Homer, but in season one’s “Some Enchanted Evening” Marge calls in Dr. Marvin Monroe’s radio show where he calls her 34 years old, which would make her 58 years old now.

Marge has also had her birthday moved: originally she said in season 18 episode “Marge Gamer” she had the same birthday as Randy Quaid – October 1, but in season 23 ep “Exit Through the Kwik-E-Mart“, Lisa finds a calendar saying her birthday was March 19.

Maybe she got pushed forward a year at school. Maybe Marge lies about her age. Maybe our heads hurt from guessing so we’ll move onto Bart.

Bart Simpson

Bart Simpson – 10 in the show, 36 in real life

In season three episode “I Married Marge“, Marge falls pregnant with Bart after she and Homer watch Star Wars: Episode V The Empire Strikes Back in the cinema (Homer ruins the plot twist for people queuing, naturally).

Episode V got released in May 1980, which would now put Bart at age 36.

Let’s just forget all the future episodes where he ends up an underachiever and hope he straightens himself out.

Lisa Simpson – 8 in the show, 34 in real life

Lisa Simpson turned 8 in the now classic season three episode “Stark Raving Dad“, which had Michael Jackson make a guest appearance to sing “Happy birthday Lisa”.

At two years younger than Bart, she would now be 34 years old.

President Lisa

Now here’s where things get really cool/terrifying.

In flash forward episode “Bart to the Future” in season 17, Lisa remarks that she gained the Presidency from Donald Trump (she also remarks she was the first straight female President, which makes us have questions about Hilary Clinton). According to US law, you have to be 35 years of age to run for Presidency, which would put her at 38 years of age when she won.

Not only did the Simpsons joke predict Donald Trump would be President, they predicted when and he’d only serve one term if he did win.

As well as run the nation into debt, and bring about a rise in super criminals.

Maggie Simpson

Maggie Simpson – 1 in the show, 27 in real life

In Season 5’s “Lady Bouvier’s Lover,” the entire Simpsons clan gathers to celebrate Maggie’s first birthday.

In flash forward episodes, we find out that Maggie becomes an award winning musician. Which is kind of fitting considering her Dad won a Grammy back in the 80s.

Season 23 episode “Holidays of Future Passed” offered us a great insight into how they might look today.

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