Here are the 17 best moments from the Father Ted Lent episode 6 years ago

Here are the 17 best moments from the Father Ted Lent episode

Matty Hislop would be proud.

Lent is upon us so what better time to look back at one of Father Ted's most memorable episodes.


'Cigarettes and Alcohol and Rollerblading', is a must-watch at this time of year and even if you tried to give up the show for Lent then we strongly encourage you to break that vow.

Here are some of our favourite moments.

1) The gigantic cross that keeps hitting Ted

2) Dick Byrne's s#*t eating grin

Ted, Dougal and Jack were never going to win this bet. The sheer look of evil glee on his face is superb.



3) Fr Jack giving things up for Ireland our Lord

Sacrifice Arse

4) Jack's stash of drink hidden in the Cliffs of Moher


5) The five-minute withdrawal hallucinations are kicking in


TedSmokes JackPint DougalBlades

6) This quote about Matty Hislop

Ted: "God almighty, when I think of the sacrifices Matty Hislop made."
Dougal: "Who?"
Ted: "He was a notorious drunkard who found God and then decided to punish himself for his sins. Oh, he used to do all kinds of things. Like he had this terrible allergic reaction to cats. So instead of avoiding them, he used to carry a kitten in his pocket. He'd sniff it from time to time. His head just inflated like a balloon."

7) Jack sobers up


Where are the other two?

Father Jack is sober for the first time in years by danzig_AU

8) One of Ted's greatest ever lines



9) Mrs Doyle talks about sex

10) Dougal meets Sister Assumpta... again

11) Breakfast of champions

What about Frosties? Or if you take something like Sugar Puffs or Lucky-Charms.


12) Are we going into space?!?!

Test1 Test2 Test3 Test4 Test5 Test6

13) Dougal's pal in Addis Ababa

"What about Mwengwe? His parents are away for the weekend and he's got satellite."

14) This endlessly quotable punchline

15) Sister Assumpta is caught out



16) The Rugged Island boys get their comeuppance


17) Lent is well and truly over