Here's what Ireland was watching in 2013 according to Twitter 7 years ago

Here's what Ireland was watching in 2013 according to Twitter

Some of the biggest trends this year on Twitter have come from what we've been watching on TV, but there's one surprising omission on the list

Social media has really begun to play a major role in our every day lives, from showcasing what we're eating with a filtered photo to maintaining a conversation with our mates while we watch the match, we're increasingly using it all the time.


In particular this year, it seems that us Irish have been keeping one eye on the telly and one eye on Twitter as we watched some of the biggest shows and events that 2013 had to offer. As a result, the lads at Twitter have used our hashtags and conversations to put together this list of what the most watched TV shows were, according to what we tweeted.

Topping the list (perhaps thanks to the fact that he's almost never off the air) was Tonight with Vincent Browne, while similarly the Late Late still gets people talking, even if it is just to poke a bit of fun at it. Big shows from the UK like X Factor and The Apprentice still make waves over here, but it seems that the Great Irish Bake Off was more important to us than the English version.

Despite only occurring once, Eurovision still slides into the top ten (so don't lie to us about not watching it this year lads), and our beloved Match of the Day is still an important part of our lives every week. It's reassuring to know that some things will never change.

In JOE's humble opinion, it's a bit of a shock that Love/Hate didn't make the list, considering what a strong following it has, but perhaps that's one of the few shows that we give our undivided attention to, rather than tweeting at the same time.

The top ten in full then is as follows:

1) vinb
2) Late Late
3) X Factor
5) #theapprentice
6) rtept
7) #rtethevoice
9) eurovision
10) Big Brother UK