Homecoming was just the first of three Beyoncé projects coming to Netflix 4 years ago

Homecoming was just the first of three Beyoncé projects coming to Netflix

There was also a major announcement made about her Lemonade album.

Beyoncé fans must feel pretty spoiled right now.


Not only did she drop her Homecoming documentary on Netflix on Friday (currently sitting pretty with a stellar 92% on Metacritic), but on the same day, she surprise-released a 40-track live-album from the Coachella performance, which also included two new bonus tracks.

Well, it looks like the good times are still coming for the Bey-Hive.

On Monday 23 April, the Lemonade album - which has been a Tidal exclusive since it was released in April 2016 - will be reportedly made available on all platforms.

Yep, if you've got Spotify, you'll soon be able to enjoy 'Formation' and 'Sorry' whenever you please!


On top of that, Variety have reported that Homecoming is just the first of three projects lined up between Beyoncé and Netflix.

The artist has reportedly been paid $60 million for the three-project deal, and while no details have yet been announced on what the other two projects might be, rumours have begun to circulate that one of them will be a new visual album.

Previously, Beyoncé aired her Lemonade visual album on HBO to coincide with the release of the album itself, and there was a three-year gap between her self-titled 2013 album and the release of the Lemonade album, so the numbers support the rumours.

Hopefully we won't have too much longer to wait to find out, but knowing Beyoncé, we won't know a thing until is already made, finished, and released into the world.