If ever there's hope of an Oasis reunion, this interview with Liam Gallagher is it 1 year ago

If ever there's hope of an Oasis reunion, this interview with Liam Gallagher is it

This feels like a big step.

Three months ago, it appeared that the rift between Liam and Noel Gallagher was at it's most spiteful and bitter point.


In a series of images posted on his Twitter page, Noel shared a screenshot of what he claims to be Liam texting his teenage daughter, saying "tell your step mam to be very careful", in response to her describing him as a "fat twat".

Noel responded by sending Liam a message which opened with: "So you're sending threatening messages via my teenage daughter now are you? You always were good at intimidating women though eh?"

As music fans will know, the Gallagher brothers have always been superb interviewees and they're better at playing the media game than most. However, there was a nastiness and bitterness to that particular exchange that both men probably regret.

It wasn't jovial, funny, or lighthearted. There was a nasty side to it that left a bad taste in the mouth.

However, it appears that things have moved on - well, at least on Liam's end of things.

At the present moment, Liam's enjoying a successful solo career with the release of his second album, Why Me? Why Not, while the most recent album by Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds received a Mercury nomination.

Both men don't need an Oasis reunion but the public demand for one will always be there. Always.


On a more humane level, anyone that saw the documentaries Supersonic and As It Was will know that Noel and Liam's mother, Peggy, refuses to take sides in their feud but as she told Liam in the film, she won't be around forever.

She desperately wants her two sons to make amends and bury the hatchet before she passes away.

Thankfully, in recent weeks, it appears that Liam has offered an olive branch to his older brother. During a recent appearance on the Jonathan Ross Show, the former Beady Eye singer said that he's getting married and that he has invited Noel to the proceedings.

On this note, during a recent interview with AP to promote the US release of his documentary, Liam was even more reflective, optimistic, and open about the idea of a rapprochement with Noel.

When asked if he wishes that he had a better relationship with his older brother, Liam said "Yeah, I wish so. Only on the brother side of it, I'm not really bothered about Oasis. Oasis, if it's done, it's done. The most important thing is about me and him being brothers and I've got another brother that he doesn't speak to. It would be nice for all three of us to get together. Obviously, my mam is still alive and she gets upset by it," he said.


With regards to the idea of an Oasis reunion, Liam reiterated that it's really not at the top of his agenda. He's more interested in rebuilding the relationship that he has with his older brother.

"He thinks I'm desperate to get the band back together for money. It's not that. I didn't join a band to make money. I joined a band to have fun, get off my head, and go and see the world. I'd do it (reunion) for nothing," he said.

Later in the interview, Liam was asked what he feels are the perfect conditions to start a constructive conversation with Noel.

"In a perfect world, how would it play out between me and Noel? Him to come to my house, get on his hands and knees, and beg for mercy...and say sorry. Maybe bring me a cake, with a little candle on it. Na, I'm only joking!


"Maybe for me and him to go for a beer and shoot some shit. Get whatever is on his chest off. I don't think we should have split up. I don't think it was a big argument. I didn't kick his cat and I didn't try it on his with his missus, or anything like that. I don't know what the problem is. I think he just wanted to go away and do his solo career, get all the corn and be surrounded by a lot of yes men that he can fire and hire whenever he likes. He can't do that with me" added the singer.

Here's hoping that Noel takes Liam up on his offer of that beer.

If he does, who knows? Maybe both men won't be looking back in anger on past events. Here's hoping that the Gallagher brothers take the first step towards a potential Oasis reunion by actually talking to each other.

You can take a look at the whole interview here.


Clip via Associated Press