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A tidy sum...

Let's recount what Kezia Dugdal did in I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here! She slept rough for a couple of weeks, went through a few chambers of different animals, got spun around in a drum filled with critters, and drank some disgusting stuff.

But how much did she get paid for it?

The show was eventually won by Georgia Toffolo, who had a rather tough run of challenges, and was an early favourite to take the crown.

We all know by now that fees for each celebrity differ depending on how big they are in terms of celeb status.

Amir Khan is reported to have been the highest paid person on this series, with some reports stating that he received £400,000 for entering the jungle.

But we now know one of the fees for sure, as Kezia Dugdal revealed as part of her Register of Interests that her fee, including travel and accommodation costs, was between £80,001 and £85,000.

She wrote: "I received a total of between £80,001 and £85,000 in remuneration (which included a fee of £70,000, travel and accommodation and a daily payment whilst not in the camp) from ITV Studios Limited."

Unfortunately for her, she doesn't get to keep all that as a spokesman for the 36-year-old told STV that after tax was deducted by both UK and Australian authorities the sum was reduced to £45,000.

She also donated £5100 of her fee to be shared among three charities.

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