Ireland's most-watched Christmas TV shows revealed and there's a famous granny on top 2 years ago

Ireland's most-watched Christmas TV shows revealed and there's a famous granny on top

Even if you wanted to, there's no stopping Ireland's most famous granny.

RTÉ has revealed that Mrs. Brown's Boys was the most-watched show on Irish TV on both Christmas Day AND Christmas Eve.

The brand new Christmas Special - Mrs Brown’s Boys: Mammy’s Christmas Punch – was the most popular festive programme on Irish television this year pulling in an average of 668,400 viewers and a 42 per cent audience share on Christmas Eve.

And if that wasn't enough, the Dublin OAP sealed a Christmas double with Mrs Brown’s Boys D’Movie the most-watched program on Irish TV on Christmas Day, pulling in 591,300 viewers and a 38 per cent share.



She's not to everyone's taste but does she care? Probably not.


The most-watched show on RTÉ2 was the ever-brilliant Father Ted Christmas Special, which brought in an average audience of 188,700 viewers.


On the same station, The Al Porter Show, a variety special filmed live at the Olympia Theatre and broadcast on Christmas Eve, brought in 95,900 viewers.

Average viewing

Just in case you were wondering how much time you wisely invested in staring at the rectangular box in the corner of the room, RTÉ estimate that the average Irish person watched a staggering 4 hours and 39 minutes of television on Christmas Day alone....

And that's without factoring in any Netflix or streamed viewing...

Let that sink in

After all that, if you're looking at a particular program and wondering how it gets so much love, the modern philopsher that is Super Hans from Peep Show has some interesting teachings on the subject: