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08th Dec 2020

Irish acting legend Colm Meaney would “love to do a cameo” in Derry Girls

Eoghan Doherty

Colm Meaney

This would be amazing…

A few things in life are certain… Death. Taxes. And everyone loves Derry Girls.

It turns out that national treasure Colm Meaney is no different and he recently chatted to The Big Reviewski about his admiration for one of the show’s stars in particular.

With his new movie Pixie out in cinemas now, the acting legend spoke about playing Santa Claus, the world’s reaction to the Irish accents in Wild Mountain Thyme and the genuinely MIND-BLOWING fact that he’s never, ever heard of Meanies.

Even Mr Tayto was shocked by the revelation.

While talking about the new film – in which he plays a deadly Irish gangster who just wants to retire and watch Nigella Lawson cooking shows (relatable) – he also highlighted some of his 2021 releases, including a brand new movie called The Little People, in which he stars alongside none other than Jamie-Lee O’Donnell.

Jamie-Lee, of course, plays Michelle in Derry Girls and it sounds like the two Irish stars got on like a house (or a tray of sambuca shots) on fire…

“I had a ball with Jamie, she’s wonderful. She played my daughter in The Little People, she’s terrific, she’s just great. I had such a good time with her. She’s a pistol, y’know?”

But what about the million dollar question, would Colm be up for starring alongside her in Lisa McGee’s hit TV show?

“Yeah! I’d love to do a cameo in Derry Girls!”

Sláinte motherf*ckaaaaaaaaaaaaaas!

We can just see him now, guest-starring as Tommy Tiernan’s dad and playing the perfect love rival to Granda Joe; both of them vying for Maeve’s attention up Pump Street with a Cream Horn.

Obviously they’d be best friends by the end of the episode though.

If you, like me, are currently suffering withdrawal symptoms from a severe lack of Derry Girls in your life, you can…

  • Watch Season 1 on Netflix here
  • Grab Erin’s Diary: An Official Derry Girls Book here – it’s the perfect stocking-filler for Christmas
  • Catch up with Lisa McGee and Tobias Beer, Derry Girls Season 3 and Derry Girls: The Movie right here

In the meantime, you can check out the full chat with Colm Meaney below and his Derry Girls love around the 11.18 mark.


And if you fancy a trip to the cinema to see Colm Meaney’s new film Pixie, you can watch the official trailer right here…

Clip via Paramount Pictures UK

Pixie is in Irish cinemas now