RTÉ are looking for newly engaged couples for their new wedding planning show 1 year ago

RTÉ are looking for newly engaged couples for their new wedding planning show

It is different from other wedding planning shows because of one unique reason...

If your Christmas break was anything like ours, then your Facebook and Instagram feeds were probably overflowing with updates that some of your good friends got engaged in the last two weeks.

Or maybe you yourself are a newly engaged person, in which case we wish you and your partner and hearty congratulations!

The most engaged I'm ever likely to be is when I turn the lock on a public bathroom, but this isn't the place to complain about my eternal singledom...

No, instead this is the place where we tell you that RTÉ are in the middle of pre-production on a new type of wedding planning show, and they are looking for newly engaged couples to take part!

The new show is called My Big Day: Home And Away, and it will involve the couples getting two wedding planners, one of which will help them organise their dream wedding here in Ireland, while the other will show them what their wedding day could look like abroad.

The two wedding planners - Tara Fay and Bruce Russell - will be fully committed to being the chosen one by the new couple, who will then pick between the two variations of their big day, before each episode ends with the couple's friends and family witnessing them tying the know at their dream location.

If this sounds like something you or somebody you know would be interested in taking part in, then all you have to do is head to the official website (here) and fill in the online application form. Good luck!