Certain cinemas around Ireland will be hosting a very special early screening of The Irishman 10 months ago

Certain cinemas around Ireland will be hosting a very special early screening of The Irishman

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The screening will be accompanied by a live broadcasting of the red carpet Q&A with Scorsese and De Niro in London.

We're getting closer and closer to the release of one of the biggest movies of not just 2019, but of the decade.

The Irishman premiered at the New York Film Festival last week to some incredible reviews - it currently has 92% on review aggregation site Metacritic, and 100% on Rotten Tomatoes - and will soon be showing at the London Film Festival.

However, certain cinemas around Ireland will be showing a live-broadcasting from the red carpet of the LFF event, with director Martin Scorsese, and some of the movie's cast, including Robert De Niro, answering some questions about the epic gangster saga.

And this will be followed by a screening of the movie itself, almost two full months before it eventually arrives on Netflix's streaming service!

The special advance screening will take place on Sunday 13 October, kicking off at 7pm, and tickets are available to be purchased right here, right now. We imagine they'll sell out pretty sharp-ish, so best get a move on.

Now, be prepared for a long night, because along with the red carpet Q&A session, the whole thing is expected to be 230 minutes long.

Yep, three hours and fifty minutes, all in. The movie on its own is three and a half hours long, so the extra twenty minutes to see Scorsese and De Niro chatting won't really be changing your plans for the night all that much, anyways...

The Omniplex cinemas hosting the special screening are Rathmines (Dublin), Mahon Point (Cork), and Dundonald (Belfast).

If you don't make it along to these advance showings, then the movie will begin streaming on Netflix from Wednesday 27 November, and will be available to see on the big screen across Ireland from Friday 8 November.

Check your local cinema listings closer to the date of release, and check out the latest trailer right here:

Clip via Netflix

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