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19th Nov 2019

Here’s one last trailer for The Irishman before it hits Netflix

Dave Hanratty

Irishman Netflix

Warning: This shows a *lot* of the film…

Martin Scorsese’s The Irishman appears to be doing quite well during its current limited-release cinema run.

We say ‘appears’ because as with the majority of its output, Netflix is keeping data such as viewing figures – and in this case, box office takings – a closely-guarded secret.

In any event, the word on the street is that the crime epic has been going great guns with many cinemas reporting sold-out screenings since its big screen bow on Friday 8 November.

Of course, plenty of people have been patiently waiting for the film to arrive on Netflix next Wednesday (27 November).

In case you need that extra push for a three-and-a-half hour couch appointment, there’s one final trailer freshly unleashed into the world, one that does a good job of shaping the story.

Perhaps too good a job, if we’re being honest. If you’d prefer to go in blind or with minimal knowledge, maybe consider just skimming this one.

Or if you just can’t wait any longer and want one last tension-filled preview, check out the new promo below.

Clip via Netflix