One of 2022’s best hidden-gem comedy series is available to stream 7 months ago

One of 2022’s best hidden-gem comedy series is available to stream

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This is a must-watch for fans of behind-the-scenes drama!


You know when a TV show premieres at the Cannes Film Festival that it's likely to be a great series. Especially when that show is a comedy-drama about making a movie, then that makes this an absolute must-watch for anyone who loves to get a peak behind-the-scenes.

That is exactly what you're getting with Irma Vep, the new series fronted by Oscar-winning Alicia Vikander, which is available to stream with a NOW Entertainment Membership.

Vikander plays American movie star Mira Harberg, who is still recovering from a recent high-profile break-up, so she decides to head to France to star as Irma Vep in a television series adaptation of a French silent film Les Vampires.


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So it is a TV series, about a TV series adapting a classic French film, which actually was a real French film. This causes the walls of Mira's reality and character she is playing to blur and break, in some very funny (but also sometimes very heartbreaking) ways.

Also, you might have already figured out what that character name is an anagram of, leading to further complicated questions...

The series is entirely written and directed by acclaimed director Olivier Assayas (Personal Shopper, Clouds of Sils Maria), and Vikander is joined on screen by an incredible cast, including one cameo that is 100% a pure chef's kiss moment.


Also, unsurprisingly, the show has been getting some of the best reviews of the year, with Consequence calling it "a quirky showbiz dramedy with some of the most deceptively smart writing on television, and that’s worth tuning in for".

Stream every episode of Irma Vep with a NOW Entertainment Membership.

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