An underrated Jason Statham thriller is among the movies on TV tonight 11 months ago

An underrated Jason Statham thriller is among the movies on TV tonight

F R I D A Y.

Hey kids, it's Friday.


The weekend is here. So too are many movies on the TV for your viewing pleasure or indifference. The choice, truly, is yours.

Here's how it looks on Friday, 24 June...

Transformers: The Last Knight – Film4 – 5.55pm

The fifth one.


Kingsman: The Golden Circle – Film4 – 9pm

The second one.

The Inbetweeners 2 – E4 – 9pm

Also the second one.


The Bank Job – Virgin Media One – 9pm

Our main choice this evening is an arguably underrated Jason Statham heist thriller.

Released in 2008, The Bank Job focuses on the real-life Baker Street robbery that took place in London in 1971.

The producers of the film insisted at the time that the true story was never fully told due to a legal action involving a prominent member of the British royal family. This has, of course, been disputed and the film absolutely has plenty of fictional elements to it.


Still, if you're looking for an overlooked Statham vehicle, you could do much worse.

Why Him? – RTÉ 2 – 10pm

Disapproving dad Bryan Cranston doesn't want James Franco dating his daughter. Fair enough!

Canyon River – TG4 – 10.20pm

Death, taxes and TG4 showing a Western on a Friday night.


When Harry Met Sally – BBC One – 10.40pm

Classic rom-com with Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan.

WAZ – Horror Channel – 10.45pm

Grim serial killer tale with Stellan Skarsgård, Selma Blair and a just-about-to-break-out Tom Hardy.

Red Heat – Film4 – 11.45pm

Action comedy featuring Arnie as a tough no-nonsense Soviet Union-era cop. Hits a bit different at this present moment in time, really.

Kill Your Friends – Film4 – 1.55am

Nicholas Hoult smarms it up in this dark comedy about the music industry that really, really wants to be American Psycho but is actually pretty tame.