Joe Cornish on Showgirls, Brexit, Superman, and Tintin 2 3 years ago

Joe Cornish on Showgirls, Brexit, Superman, and Tintin 2

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We covered A LOT of ground with this conversation.

Joe Cornish is an incredibly interesting person to speak to.


Most people would have been introduced to him from The Adam & Joe Show from the late 90s and early 00s, but since then he has been making some big waves in the movie world.

His first feature film, 2011's Attack The Block, went on to become a bit of a cult hit, and it woke the world up to the greatness that is John Boyega, who has since gone on to huge success in the likes of Star Wars and Pacific Rim 2.

In the near-decade since that movie, Cornish has had a hand in the scripts for Spielberg's animated action comedy The Adventures Of Tintin, as well as a draft of the first Ant-Man film, both of which he worked on with his good friend Edgar Wright (Shaun Of The Dead, Hot Fuzz).

He has also been approached about some several high-profile blockbusters, which we discuss at length in the interview, and the reasons why he turned them down.


Instead, he has finally brought us his sophomore movie, with family friendly adventure The Kid Who Would Be King, a modern-retelling of the King Arthur legend.

JOE sat down with Cornish for a long chat about the new movie, his career to date, and what we should hope to expect from him next.

We also discussed everything from his opinion of Showgirls, how Brexit may have influenced his latest work, which big franchise he'd love to have a hand in, and what exactly is going on with the long-delayed Tintin sequel.

Check out our interview in full right here:


The Kid Who Would Be King is in Irish cinemas right now.

Check out the trailer for the movie below.


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