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10th Oct 2014

JOE meets Killian Scott and Charlie Murphy, the Irish stars of ’71 and Love/Hate

They revealed ALL of the secrets from the hit Irish TV series. (But not really.)

Eoghan Doherty

They revealed ALL of the secrets from the hit TV series. (But not really.)

To mark the release of the excellent new Irish thriller ’71, our man Eoghan Doherty caught up with the stars of the film to talk accents, fizzy orange (obviously), and about what it’s like to be mistaken for Eddie Murphy’s 55-year-old brother.

That’s right, this guy:

Charlie Murphy

Oh, and you might recognise the pair from a wee televsion program called Love/Hate too.

’71 is helmed by Yann Demange (we’re pretty sure that’s French for “Yann the Man”) on his feature film directorial debut and, having made the daunting leap from the small screen to the silver screen, the Frenchman has delivered with aplomb (we’re pretty sure that’s French for, ahmm, “aplomb?”)

You may also recognise Eoghan from the TV show too, he played the dead cat in Series 4.

’71 tells the story of Private Gary Hook (played by the excellent Jack O’Connell), a teenage British soldier sent to Belfast in 1971 who, after being accidentally abandoned by the rest of his unit during a vicious street riot in a Catholic neighbourhood, has to survive using his wits and the help of those he meets on city’s dangerous streets.

The film, which is packed with superb performances from all involved, is claustraphobic, authentic and incredibly intense, and will no doubt have you squirming in your seat… mainly because you’re wearing your Granny pants to the cinema again.

’71 is in Irish cinemas from today so go check it out. We’re not paying for your ticket though, you’ll have to do that yourself.


Images via FrontRowReviews and BoondockTV.

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