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04th Apr 2015

JOE pays tribute to Robert Downey Jr. who turns 50 today

There’s only one RDJ…

Oisin Collins

Happy 50th birthday to Robert Downey Jr.

We’re massive fans of Robert Downey Jr. here in JOE Towers, and today, his 50th birthday, seemed like the perfect excuse/reason to list several things that we love about the man.

1. His time as an SNL cast member

Okay, so Saturday Night Live never really made it over to this side of the Atlantic, but thanks to YouTube there is a treasure trove of hilarious SNL skits featuring RDJ for us to enjoy.

2. His charitable nature

He’s rich, funny, handsome as f*ck and he loves helping out when he can. If this wasn’t a piece on the reasons why we love the guy, we’d just say we hate him. No one can live up to RDJ’s coolness…

3. He is the King of cool glasses

Bono doesn’t even come close…


Academy Of Motion Picture Arts And Sciences' 2014 Governors Awards - Arrivals

4. He MADE the Iron Man movies

Let’s face it; RDJ was the perfect person to cast in the role of a tech-savvy billionaire whose bark is just as impressive has his bite. He also plays the smart-ass perfectly…

5. He’s not afraid to post hilariously embarrassing pictures of himself for #TBT

Our words have failed us on this one…

Can’t handle the curl.

Posted by Robert Downey Jr on Monday, 23 February 2015

6. He’s a good sport, especially where the Simpsons are concerned

Exhibit A…

Exhibit B… (It was later revealed on DVD commentary that RDJ was the inspiration for the award-winning Simpsons song, I’m Checkin’ In)

7. He’s got a serious voice on him…

As we said, he’s rich, funny, handsome as f*ck, loves helping out when he can AND he can sing.

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