JOE's Film Flashback... Ghostbusters (1984) 8 years ago

JOE's Film Flashback... Ghostbusters (1984)

JOE's Spoiler Series... Ghostbusters.

Welcome to JOE's Spoiler Series, where we take you behind the scenes to some of motion picture's finest. This is your *SPOILER ALERT* warning, no more excuses now.


Ready? Then follow us as we find out all there is know about the legendary action comedy, Ghostbusters.

Title: Ghostbusters

Director: Ivan Reitman

Irish release Date: June 8, 1984


Worldwide Box Office: $295.2 million

Irish Certificate Rating: PG

Tag Line: "They're here to save the world."



Plot's it all about?

Three mad-cap scientists get thrown out of their jobs at a New York University. To make a few extra quid they set up a ghost removal business. The results are frights, fun and fumbling with Sigourney Weaver

Dan Aykroyd originally wrote the movie as a side project for himself and some of his former Saturday Night Live co-stars. There was a part written for John Belushi, but his untimely death changed everything.

In the original script the Ghostbusters used wands instead of protein packs and they also traveled through dimensions. Thankfully, a few revisions were made and the end product ended up being one of the films of its generation.


Rick Moranis' character was originally written for John Candy

However, Candy had aspirations of turning this character into a German who kept a pair of rabid rottweilers. Luckily for the producers, Rick Moranis happily stepped in to play the role of  Louis Tully.

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Slimer is a secret tribute to Dan Aykroyd's good friend John Belushi


As discussed, Belushi was supposed to be in the film, but unfortunately passed away. In tribute, Aykroyd placed Slimer in the script as a special tribute to the character his deceased friend played in Animal House.

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The exploded mallow that lines the street after the Stay Puft man explodes is actually...

Shaving foam and lots of it. You can keep your fancy special effects. These lads have Gillette.

Despite being a massive star, Sigourney Weaver still had to audition for the part

The producers wanted to make sure she could do comedy. Her audition was the infamous scene hovering over the bed.

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Award fodder

It was nominated for two Academy Awards, Best Original Song and Best Visual Effects. It lost both, which was a travesty considering the quality of this absolute tune.

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