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08th Nov 2013

JOE’s Film Podcast – Episode II: The Spoiling (it’s a terrible pun on The Shining you berts)

A long time ago (this week) in a galaxy far, far away (the offices of

Eoghan Doherty

A long time ago (this week) in a galaxy far, far away (the offices of…

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Welcome one and all to the second ever JOE film podcast where commander-in-chief Mike Sheridan, token Northern lackey Eoghan Doherty, and resident office fancy dan Adrian Collins, discuss this week’s latest cinematic releases including Gravity, Thor: The Dark World and Philomena.

The JOEs also discuss Vince ‘I invented Breaking Bad so there’ Gilligan’s upcoming appearance in the hilarious Community, the greatest teaser trailer we’ve seen in a long time (for The Raid) and we talk about inadvertently plooping our pants. Repeatedly.

Speaking of plooping and spoiling…

In case you didn’t gather from our excellently named article, this podcast contains quite a number of spoilers. In fact, it’s so spoilerific, we had yet another shortlist of working titles that included The Spoil Tenenbaums, The Spoilshank Redemption, Lord Of The Spoils: The Spoilership Of The Spoil and Spoil. (That’s Speed).

All fantastic we’re sure you agree.

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Just don’t send us nudey pics, OK?

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Absolutely nothing.

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