JOE's Top 10 TV characters who definitely deserve their own film 9 years ago

JOE's Top 10 TV characters who definitely deserve their own film

We know you're reading this Hollywood, make it happen.

Following on from the news that Ricky Gervais will be bringing his most famous character, The Office's David Brent, to the big screen, we've decided to have a little fun here at JOE HQ and have come up with our Top 10 favourite TV characters who we think definitely deserve their own film.


And no, Blanche from The Golden Girls didn't make the cut unfortunately. Sorry folks.

Bishop Brennan (Father Ted)

JOE imagines that any film about Len... erm, sorry, Bishop Brennan, would be a fly-on-the-wall documentary charting his "interesting" time in America.

The movie would probably show how the Bishop got trapped in a New York lift with all those rabbits eating his cloak, his time sipping champagne with models in hot tubs and, most importantly, how he fell in love and started a family in California.


Upon his return to Limerick, he has to deal with a local priest who was accused of stealing money from a Lourdes charity. Don't worry Hollywood, we already have a title for the film... Arse Biscuits.

To be honest, people would probably come from Gdansk to see that film.

Clip via - Father Ted Clips


GOB Bluth (Arrested Development)

Let's just forget that Season 4 of Arrested Development was ever made, OK?

Instead of making more episodes, the creators should just give GOB his own film where he travels to Hollywood, on his trusty Segway of course, in an epic quest to ensure that the world takes him and the Alliance Of Magicians seriously.

This film has endless potential because it could include dead birds, exploding lighter fluid, singing puppets and some heart-warming montages of GOB reconnecting with the son that he really wants to ignore forever.


His best friend/arch-nemesis Michael could also make a welcome cameo appearance.

Clip via - Gula Media

Ari Gold (Entourage)

If anyone on this list is really going to be given their own film then it's probably going to be the undisputed king of Hollywood.


Vinnie Chase and the boys may be having all the fun, but Tinseltown belongs to Ari. This film should be a romantic comedy where Ari gives naive, clueless and annoying couples some timeless relationship advice.

Just like this...

Clip via - Jon Colin

Ron Swanson (Parks and Recreation)

If you were to place the greatest boss in the history of time AKA Ron Swanson from Parks and Recreation, into an epic Man vs Nature film like Alive, The Grey or Cast Away, then the following things would happen:

1) He would never want to come back because to him this scenario is like a holiday 2) If he did return, it would be with the best steak and breakfast food imaginable and 3) The place where he was abandoned would soon be privatized.

Remember guys, the Swanson pyramid of greatness caters for all situations...

Clip via - Jon Colin

John Luther (Luther)

Idris Elba is the coolest man alive. Fact. Trust JOE, we actually found this out up close and personal. Not only is the supremely talented actor content with playing Stringer Bell AKA one of the most iconic characters in TV, but he has also starred in some major films.

28 Weeks Later, American Gangster, Thor, Prometheus and Pacific Rim spring to mind, but what we really want is to see his tortured genius John Luther on the big screen. If you haven't watched the show then you're in for a treat.

Serial killers, hammers, petrol, knives, snipers, the occult and a main character that's nuttier than squirrel crap. It must be a comedy right?

Idris Elba

Roger Sterling (Mad Men)

We would like to see Mad Man Roger Sterling cast as the newest member of the Channel 4 News Team in Anchorman 3.

Think about it; the man is a heavy drinker, a womanzier, he doesn't care about pumping his guns and he's fairly liberal when it comes to dropping acid.

He would be perfect as Ron's older brother, Tom Burgundy.

Clip via - Rumblestrip.NET

Bela Doyle (Fair City)

Who wouldn't be interested in looking at the adventures of a lothario in his day? We imagine that Bela was probably just like Charlie Sheen in his prime. How about an Irish re-imagining of The Hangover, but set it in the late 1970s?

There are only four people that we could possibly cast; Marty Whelan, Johnny Logan, Marty Morrissey and the man himself, Jim Bartley...


Image via

The Hound and Arya (Game Of Thrones)

The only characters that we could imagine as a pairing because it's obvious that they care about each other *cough cough*.

JOE pictures them as a rogue pair of maverick cops in a 1970's police film who have both been kicked off the force because they don't play by the rules.

We can already hear that epic voice-over guy saying, "He is a cop that was burned by the others... literally. She is a rookie detective that wants revenge. Together they are... Arya and the Hound."


Douglas Reynholm (The IT Crowd)

There are endless possibilities for a film about a rich, insane man who has a robot hand and electric sex pants.

We would like to see what he got up to during his seven year absence before he returned to the world of IT in the most epic way possible. We  imagine that it involved some misunderstood yet hilarious sexual harassment lawsuit, spaceology and his estranged ex-wife.


Clip via - TheCockneysparra

So guys, what do you think? Is there someone else who you would rather see in their own film? Let us know in the comments below.