Joey is the best character from Friends - here's why 5 years ago

Joey is the best character from Friends - here's why

And it's not even close...

The six Central Perk regulars are the closest of Friends. They spend basically every second of every day with each other, and if you've had your television on for more than an hour a day for the past 10 years, you've spent a pretty  hefty amount of time with them too.


"Who's your favourite character?" is a tough question to answer when it comes to Friends. They all have their strengths. Chandler is brilliantly hilarious. Phoebe's craziness goes down well with lots of people. Monica is perhaps the most relatable character on the show. Ross and Rachel have what might be the most iconic relationship in the history of television. But come on, we all know who the BEST character is.

It's Joey. Here's why.

Let's start with the most important aspect of the show. Friendship. The premise that the entire show is based around. And there is only one winner when it comes down to who is the best friend. Let's look at some examples. How about when he absolutely despises Janice, but does everything in his power to try and make it work? Or when he lets Chandler keep the Foosball table when he moves out, despite the fact that Joey beat him for it. Or when Chandler wants to date Joey's ex IMMEDIATELY after they break up, and Joey allows it? Or when he was the first to find out about Monica and Chandler, but kept it to himself.


Clip via 1ElizabethO

And you might argue that Chandler was the real hero here, lending Joey so much money while he was an out-of-work actor, but the second Joey got a big gig, he paid Chandler back immediately, and he even bought him a friendship bracelet. Even when he's accused of making a sex tape, he confesses that it was him, just to respect the privacy of Monica and Chandler's relationship, guiltily pleading:"I'm Joey. I'm disgusting. I make low-budget, adult films." What an amazing friend.

Next let's address what some people see as Joey's biggest flaw: his womanising. And okay, it's not great. He can be a bit of a creep at times. But deep down, he has good intentions with women. He's just trying to find the one, and when he really develops feelings for a girl, he treats them with the utmost respect.

Let's look at a few of his actual relationships. He really loved Kathy, and was absolutely heartbroken when she chose Chandler instead of him, and even punished Chandler by making him sit in a box for hours.


When he was going out with Charlie, and was intimidated by her intelligence, he took the time to do a few history lessons with Ross so he wouldn't sound stupid when they went to the museum. Even when he thought Phoebe was pregnant, he immediately proposed to her, because he didn't want her to have to raise a baby alone. And then he fell in love with Rachel, and was brilliant with her, even while she was pregnant, he looked after her expertly.

You might even say he was better for her than Ross was... *ducks for cover*

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Now, Ross and Rachel is obviously the relationship you think of when you are talking about Friends, but if you really want to talk about the best relationship on the show, it is definitely Joey and Chandler.

The two of them have the bromance to end all bromances. From the moment Joey moves in, the two are best friends. Chandler has Joey's back at all times, and vice versa. Like when a bully steals Chandler's cap at Central Perk, Joey is ready to kick some ass. Or when they win the quiz together? Or how they make great fathers to the chick and the duck? Or their farewell to the Foosball table? Gets us every damn time.

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Joey is the perfect man. He's comfortable in his own skin; as he says himself, he's curvy, and he likes it. He treats women with respect, mostly. He is polite, unless you take his food. He doesn't share food. He is friendly, he is kind, he is a good man.


And most importantly, he'll be there for you.